weight loss journey

struggles of my past

like I have mentioned before I have struggled with my weight for a long time! believe it or not I actually lost quite a bit of weight a few years ago but I gained it back sadly. even with the amount of weight I lost at one point I still thought I was fat and now I’m like GIRL! you may say “well why don’t you just go back to doing what you did before”, let me tell you times have changed! the summer before my sophomore year of high school I was desperate to lose weight because I was on the volleyball team and my coach decided to get spandex shorts the following year. when I found that out I pictured myself squeezing my thick thighs in some little bitty shorts, yeah not pretty. what I did before was not healthy I was starving myself and it can back to bite me and hard!


looking at this picture now it makes me cringe! I can not believe how disgusted I was with the way looked and to think now that I have gained it all back! I have to constantly remind myself that life is full of ups and downs and I will get to the size I am comfortable with! you can not allow the pot holes of life give you a blow out, you have to keep moving and keeping remembering why you started. that is why I gained what I lost back because I was so down on myself and I turned to food to comfort me even though I had made progress. I am ready and eager to fight back! whos with me?!


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