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Eat carbs only and lose weight???

you hear about all these low carb, high fat diets but what about a high carb, low fat diet? The “potato diet” is just that! This man I have been seeing on social media recently ate only potatoes for an entire year and lost a whole lot of weight. Of course I know I couldn’t do it for that long but I have decided that starting tomorrow I am going to eat only potatoes for a week maybe longer. I am the type of person that if I have many food option ill chose them all! with the potato diet you have one option… potatoes. in this process your suppose to lose your cravings and still be full and satisfied. I am really nervous and excited to try this out. I will also be documenting my weight and how I feel during this process. the reason I decided to do this is because here lately I cant seem to stay on track. I keep wandering into the bottom of a chip bag and I desperately need help getting out.